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Nikoklia experiences great growth in the last 10 years. Farming and Stockbreeding developed once again with the settlement of new inhabitants in the community. Today there are 5 stockbreeding units and also cereals, potatoes, legumes, and peanuts are cultivated in great stretches of land.

There is a great development of tourism with old houses -maintained and reconditioned -being offered to foreign and local tourists for rent. The village has managed to step into Agro-tourism with the creation of King Nikokles IV. The King Nikokles IV unit was formerly an old hostel made of local stone wherein the inhabitants of the upland villages, transferring their goods to the city of Pafos for sale, would spend the night. There were rooms for the guests and special areas hosting their livestock. 
Today the old hostel has been converted into a small hotel unit with 11 rooms and a restaurant.

Several foreigners have already purchased pieces of land and have built their houses. The houses harmonically blend in with the community's natural environment. The foreigners that are permanent inhabitants have bonded with the village and participate in all of the events/activities that take place in the community.



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